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About Us

Hello world! We are Matt and Kyle and live in Northern California. Traveling has always been a part of who we are, but we had to put in some time working and working and working first. In 2021 we were in Cabo San Lucas for a friend’s wedding celebrating and having a great time. At the time we were beginning to travel more so our friends told us we should start to document the adventures to share it with everyone and anyone. After some debate about exactly how we should brand ourselves the TravelDaddyz were born! We have together since 2013 and married since 2017. Thanks for checking us out!

Our Favorite Destinations

New Zealand

You will meet the nicest people and see the most amazing landscapes in New Zealand. If you enjoy adventure there are plenty of activities for you.


Although a bit expensive, this country also has amazing scenery and outdoor activities. The great thing is public transportation is very easy and can get you everywhere.


One of our favorite island and beach destinations is Hawaii. All the islands are great, but we love Maui the most. It is also easy to island hop once you are over there.